A Dentist in LaGrange Busts Dental Myths

Dentist in LaGrangeAs a dentist in LaGrange, we will take the time to answer any questions you have regarding oral health. On a regular basis, we work with patients who want to improve their health but believe certain misconceptions based on myths that tend to circulate. This makes it important to visit our office with any questions or concerns you have, so you can be educated and informed. In the meantime, here are a few myths we hear on a regular basis and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Flossing is optional.

The Truth – As a dentist in LaGrange, we understand that many people do not enjoy flossing. This has led to the common misconception that it is an optional endeavor. However, it is not. Flossing is the best thing you can do on a daily basis to prevent gum disease. Every time you eat, food particles can become trapped in between your teeth. Bacteria feed on sugar and starch, causing plaque to form. If that plaque is left alone, it can lead to decay or become trapped underneath your gum tissue. If it does, you can experience gum disease. Flossing is the best way to prevent this, so we encourage you to do so on a daily basis. You can buy a flossing tool to make it easier.

Myth #2: It does not matter what type of toothbrush I use.

The Truth – Yes, it does. Your toothbrush is incredibly important because it removes plaque. Many people think that a hard toothbrush is the best way to go, but it can actually harm your teeth by stripping away valuable enamel.  Instead, you should use a soft toothbrush and be sure to brush for two minutes at a time in a circular pattern. Remember to move the plaque away from your gums and towards the center of your mouth for the best clean.

Myth #3: Root canals are painful.

The Truth – When you visit our dental office with an infected tooth, it is likely that you are already in pain. This discomfort is not caused from any dental work, but from the infection itself. When we perform a root canal, we numb the area so you do not feel anything other than a slight pressure. This makes the root canal procedure entirely comfortable. Our patients typically say that their discomfort was most prominent before they arrived and that they feel much better when they are done.

Myth #4: Lemons are a great way to whiten teeth.

The Truth – As a dentist in LaGrange, we are concerned over the trend to try at-home whitening products, even natural ones because there is a risk to your teeth. Putting lemons directly onto your teeth can brighten them, but it is dangerous to do so because lemons are acidic. When acid comes in contact with your teeth, it can cause erosion. Since you only have a limited amount of enamel, this can create sensitive teeth that will remain sensitive unless you have an additional dental treatment like bonding or crowns placed. Using lemons is not worth the risk when you can safely whiten your teeth at our office.


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