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At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry LLC, we can help you and your family to remain in excellent oral health.  As a general dentist, we will take the time to get to know your family to understand what your concerns are and the goals that you have for your smile.  This will allow us to work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your needs over time.

Can you treat our entire family at your family dentistry office?

Yes, we treat patients of all ages.  We do know, however, that the type of dental care you need can change with time.  Here are some of the needs your family may have, based on age.

Pediatric. Young children need to get used to visiting the dentist. In our family dentistry office, we will help them to feel comfortable with our office and with receiving dental care.  We will show you and them how to properly brush teeth and discuss early oral hygiene habits so that they do not suffer from a condition like baby bottle tooth decay.

Kids. As a dentist in LaGrange, we are particularly focused on helping your kids to avoid getting cavities.  Tooth decay (cavities) have been listed by the CDC as the most commonly occurring infectious disease among children.  To prevent unnecessary discomfort, we recommend that you bring them in for a dental cleaning twice a year and schedule a fluoride treatment while they are here.  The fluoride will help to strengthen their teeth and reduce the risk of cavities by around 30 percent. 

Adults. As a dentist, we know that many adults suffer from some form of gum disease.  We can help to prevent this with yearly teeth cleanings, something that is important if you want to prevent future tooth loss.  Additionally, as a cosmetic dentist, this is the time that many of our patients seek to improve the appearance of their smile with solutions like teeth whitening.

Geriatric.  In our dental office, we work with our older patients to prevent tooth loss as much as possible. However, it is common for people to lose teeth with age, even if they practice good oral hygiene.  With that in mind, we offer both dentures and dental implants as tooth replacement solutions. 

In your family dentistry office do you offer more than regular dental cleaning services?

Yes, beyond providing you with a dental cleaning, we offer a wide range of solutions that includes everything from teeth whitening to dentures. As a local dentist, our goal is to keep our patients in excellent oral health and this can involve restoring teeth that have been damaged with solutions like dental veneers.  

When you visit our LaGrange, GA dental office, you can be confident in the comprehensive dental care that you receive.  We will work with you to adjust your treatment plan based on your health needs in that particular moment.  While certain times of life are more apt to bring about specific health issues, like an increased risk for tooth loss, we understand that regular preventative care can help to prevent many of these challenges.  For this reason, we encourage you to call (706) 713-5286 and schedule an appointment with our 30240 dental office. 

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