Oral Health Problems Treated by a Dentist in LaGrange

Dentist in LaGrangeAs a dentist in LaGrange, we encourage you to visit our office twice a year for a dental cleaning and examination. Doing so along with brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day will help you to remain in excellent oral health. While it is common knowledge that you have to be concerned about things like tooth decay and gum disease, there are other dental and oral health challenges that you may develop throughout your lifetime. Very often, they can manifest themselves as a red bump or lesion that can cause discomfort. In this case, our patients regularly call our office worried that they have some terrible health condition. We are happy to examine you and let you know what the issue is.

In the meantime, here are some of the ones we see on a more frequent basis.

  • Candidiasis.  This condition is also known as thrush and it is the result of too much yeast developing on your tongue, cheeks, or the roof of your mouth. Everyone has some level of candida fungus in their body and as long as the rest of your body is in good health and well-balanced it will remain under control. When it is not, you can develop thrush. Common causes of this condition include taking antibiotics or having dry mouth. You can work to prevent the problem by drinking plenty of water and if you are taking antibiotics or your children are, be sure to take a probiotic as well.
  • Sialadenitis. This is a physical condition where your saliva gland becomes inflamed. It can be brought on by a virus or bacteria that is associated with bad oral hygiene, developing a fever, and decreased saliva flow. If you have this condition, you will probably feel tender and have some pain or swelling.
  • Canker sores. As a dentist in LaGrange, one of the more common issues we see with patients is canker sores. There are a variety of reasons that canker sores can develop including being overly stressed or having other health problems like a cold. However, what you eat can also increase the likelihood of you developing a canker sore. If you eat anything that is overly acidic, too high in sugar or abrasive, you could develop a canker sore. Monitor what you eat to determine if there is a correlation between when they occur and your diet. If so, eliminate these items from your diet.

Signs to Watch For

While most oral health problems can be treated with a visit to our dentist office or by taking antibiotics, you should be aware of the signs of oral cancer that would require immediate attention.  If you have these symptoms lasting for more than a couple of days, call our office for a dental examination.

  • Red and white bumps. If you have bumps that are not cold or canker sores, these could be signs of oral cancer.
  • Hard lumps and bumps. There is no need to develop a hard lump or bump anywhere on the inside of your mouth. If you have one, this could be a sign of cancer or a treatable infection.
  • Rough patches. You may develop a rough patch when eating abrasive or acidic food.  If those rough patches do not go away, you should call our dentist office to schedule an exam.

Our goal is to keep you and your family in excellent oral health and to prevent these issues as much as possible.  For more health tips, call our office and schedule a consultation to speak with a dentist in LaGrange.


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