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At Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry LLC, we work with our patients to create a service schedule for a lifetime of dentistry.  Many people are unaware that dental care starts from the moment you are born and never stops.  It is a common misconception that baby teeth do not matter or that seniors are going to lose teeth no matter what.  This is simply not the case.  As a dentist we know that by providing ongoing preventative care, we can help our patients to avoid many common oral health problems and to live their life with a beautiful, healthy smile.  If you live in LaGrange, GA or the 30240 area, we invite you to call (706) 713-5286 and schedule a dental cleaning and exam today.  We can then work with you to create your service schedule for a lifetime of dentistry. 

It starts when your child is a baby.

In our dentist office, we encourage parents to bring their child in as early as one year of age.  From the moment they are born, oral health should be a priority.  As a general dentist, we suggest that you take a washrag and wipe their gums after feeding them.  As they begin to get teeth, switch to a rubber-tip toothbrush that you can place on your finger and brush gently.  This will help to prevent some of the common problems that we see in toddlers such as baby bottle tooth decay. 

Kids with healthy smiles.

Baby teeth are incredibly important to your child’s development.  Their teeth are essential for developing clear speech patterns and making it possible for them to eat comfortably.  In our family dentistry office, we suggest bringing your children in for a dental cleaning twice a year.  At that time we will also give them a fluoride treatment in order to strengthen their teeth. This can help to prevent cavities by 30 percent.

Adults need healthy teeth too.

As a cosmetic dentist, we want to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful as you age.  This involves more than regular dental cleanings.  With age, comes issues like staining.  Fortunately, we offer a teeth whitening procedure that can give your smile back its’ beautiful appearance, regardless of how much coffee you drink.  Additionally, if you have any major esthetic issues that were never corrected, we can do so using solutions like dental veneers or dental implants.  We can even close gaps in between your teeth, change their overall shape and size, and even straighten them.  The solutions we offer are vast and there is virtually nothing that cannot be corrected. 

When creating a service schedule for a lifetime of dentistry, we are aware that there may come a time where you experience tooth loss.  As a dentist in LaGrange, we offer several solutions for addressing this including both dentures and dental implants.  In our dental office, we will work with you throughout your lifetime to ensure that regardless of what dental challenges  you are facing, your smile will be healthy and beautiful. 

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