Speak with a Dentist in LaGrange About the Science of Improving Your Smile

Dentist in LaGrangeIf you want to experience the benefits of a beautiful smile, visit a dentist in LaGrange.  As one, we can help you to look and feel your very best.  While many of our patients already want to correct a damaged or imperfect smile for aesthetic reasons, some need a medical reason to move forward - enter science. Studies have found that when you smile more, your well-being can improve.  So, if you fix your smile, you are likely to use it more often and experience these benefits.

Why should I improve my smile?

You will look better which will improve your self-confidence.  This can directly impact your daily life. Additionally, there is a positive chemical reaction that happens when you smile and that can make you happier.

How does smiling actually make you happy?

Most people think of smiling as the thing that you do because you are happy.  This is certainly true but smiling more can make you happier as well.  This is because when you smile, neuropeptides are released. They help the neurons throughout your body to communicate so when the neuropeptides serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine are released, your body is essentially told to feel better.  This is why your heart rate can go down, your stress levels decrease, and your mood improves when you smile.

Do these neuropeptides actually help me?

Yes, and that is why drug companies are producing anti-depressant medications that cause serotonin to be released in the brain.  It improves your mood and makes you feel better.

How can a dentist in LaGrange improve my smile?

As a cosmetic dentist, we can use a variety of solutions to correct the problems you have with your teeth. This means that if you come to us missing teeth, we can replace them using solutions like dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. If you come to us with damaged teeth, we can fix those teeth as well. Using things like dental crowns, dental veneers, or dental bonding, we can restore teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged. We have several options to solve most issues and that provides you with a level of flexibility that you need to make a decision that is going to work best for your appearance and your pocketbook.

We can also address any aesthetic or health problems that you have with your gums.  Gum recession or a gummy smile - both can negatively impact your appearance and we can address them, bringing your gums to the appropriate level of coverage.

We will take the time to explain all of these options to you after examining your teeth and taking x-rays. Then you can decide how to proceed.

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Don't wait to get the smile that you have been dreaming of. Call our office and schedule a consultation today so that we can take the steps necessary to improve your smile and give you a reason to use it more often. We are confident that you will be happy.


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