Why Diabetics and Pregnant Women Need a Regular Dental Cleaning

Dental CleaningWe encourage you to visit our office for a dental cleaning twice per year. This is important regardless of how old you are or the type of health you are in. Even if you brush and floss throughout the day, there will be areas inside your mouth you are unable to reach. These routine teeth cleanings are the best way to clean them, so plaque does not build up and cause an infection or cavity down the road. People who do not have their teeth professionally cleaned tend to get gum disease and suffer from major infections, conditions that can be avoided with proper care. This is never more important than it is for someone who is diabetic or pregnant, and here is why:

Why diabetics need a dental cleaning more frequently.

Diabetes can increase the likelihood of developing all types of infections and illnesses, because a diabetic episode inhibits the white blood cells, rendering them unable to do their primary job – to fight infections. Your body needs white blood cells to be at the top of their game, fighting bacteria and preventing infections from starting in the first place. When blood sugar is uncontrolled, a diabetic is at a greater risk for developing everything from the common cold to gum disease. While we cannot keep away the common cold, we can reduce your risk for developing gum disease or any other oral health problems. This is done by cleaning your teeth and gums to remove anything that could create an issue. This allows your body to allocate resources to fighting viruses that cannot be prevented with help from our dental office (i.e. a cold or flu). These regular cleanings also allow us to remove any plaque or bacteria that could be causing dry mouth and bad breath, a common condition among diabetics.

Why pregnant women need a regular dental cleaning.

Pregnant women also need to visit us for a regular teeth cleaning. This is incredibly important, yet many pregnant women have no idea why. If you are pregnant and develop gum disease, your baby could be born prematurely or at a low birth weight. Regular dental care is safe for you and baby, as long as we know you are pregnant and can make adjustments like not taking an x-ray or giving you sedation. We will make these subtle changes to ensure you remain healthy so your pregnancy can go smoothly. Be sure to come in for a teeth cleaning twice during your pregnancy, brush and floss throughout the day, drink plenty of water, and eat a mouth-healthy diet to stay in the best possible health.

Regardless of what your medical situation is, we can help you to stay healthy. These regular preventative visits are what makes the difference between someone prone to getting cavities and gum disease and one who remains relatively healthy over a lifetime. For help or information, call and schedule your dental exam.


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